Friday, 27 May 2011

2 Weeks of Frankfurt

Welcome to the German edition of my blog – I thought I’d give it a couple of weeks before writing anything in order to give me a little bit of time to find something interesting about which to write.

The only vaguely noteworthy event of my first day at work (State Street Frankfurt for those of you who are interested) was the busker at the train station. In front of hundreds of commuters, all walking silently to their offices and the like, he elected to play “Eleanor Rigby” by The Beatles. Quite how belting out the lyric, “All the lonely people” is supposed to endear him to a horde of grumpy Germans on their way to work is somewhat beyond me, but maybe he enjoys being a pariah. Speaking of trains, the first ticket inspectors across whom I came on the S-Bahn were clad entirely in denim – not exactly the attire one would expect; they were certainly more Huckleberry Finn than anything else. Germans, eh?

 Another notable fact about the Germans is their apparent obsession with ice-cream. I know this has been alluded to before, but it really is astonishing how much they enjoy a cheeky Eis. This, however, got me thinking about Italians. Everyone knows that Italians are famous for being top-notch ice-cream producers, but the sight of an Italian eating one is far rarer than a German, leading me to only one conclusion: the Italians outsource all their ice-cream-eating to Germany, allowing them more time during the day for important matters, such as adultery. The Germans, you see, have no time for adultery (given how hard they work), but can certainly fit in time for a Cornetto every now and again. Everyone’s a winner.

Very briefly, the State Street Intranet Homepage had this delight as part of a poll:
“Should Ronald McDonald retire?” Brilliant.

Much love,

Charlie x