Friday, 19 November 2010

Loose Ends

Ok, no rant from me today - am just tying a few things here.

1) I passed a sign the other night that said "Club des personnes âgées" - I'm so intruiged as to what that means? Is this U3A or a retirement home? It reminds me of a new-Labour plan to not let old people know they're old..."You're old and need care, but we don't want you to feel like a burden. Come to our club instead." That's my take on it anyway.

2) Surely banks can waste less paper. I mean really, 3 envelopes with additional unnecessary rubbish contained therein to convey a card to me is not a good use of their time and energy. It's not just here, it's everywhere. Silly people.

3) This is the bowing to peer pressure part of the blog. I've been bullied by a certain other assistant here into talking at length about a certain activity, so shall endeavour to humour her in an attempt to save my metaphorical eardrums. Basically, she feels the need to act like a frog occasionally, and as a result of this, launches herself at a certain, very tolerant, English boy in what is colloquially known as a "frog hug." She crouches, springs, and lands, with various consequences. Add the ingestion of soft drugs into her system and the results can certainly be interesting (most of all ocularly). Anyway, that's my shout-out - she wants this thing to go viral, so girls, if you feel like acting like an amphibian, you have my blessing. Here endeth the lesson.

4) Q. When is a bin not a bin?
     A. When it's laden.

No good? It's a mere digression from my actual point, namely that at what point does a bin cease to be a bin due to damage. I tried to put something in one the other day that resembled a pot with broken slats, and I couldn't be certain whether to go for it despite the possibility that it would just fall out straight away. Oh the civil dilemma...
That's all for now, folks.

Charlie x

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