Monday, 7 February 2011

February Already? Here Goes...

It has come to my attention that the Science Museum now has exhibits dedicated to homeopathy, acupuncture and Chinese medicine - something which must come as a disappointment to all real scientists who would rather proper science be taught and promoted in such an institution. Furthermore, they actually state that homeopathy helped a girl who "had allergies". Instead of telling us what the allergies were and how the homeopathic treatment helped her, they just leave it at that. Really scientific guys - congrats etc. Chaps, if you want to be taken seriously in the world of science/technology, appealing to the woo-woo merchants (horseshit peddlers) of society isn't a wonderful way of going about it.

Something bizarre happened today in the otherwise-uninspiring world of my local laundrette. I was sitting there, merrily reading a book while waiting for my drying to finish, when 3 boys of a similar age to me walked in, one of them bearing one of those large, fluffy microphones that people use for television. They proceeded to approach one of the empty dryers, stuck the microphone thingy in the drum, left it there for a few seconds, recorded whatever sound was made (very little, from what I could tell), and promptly vacated the premises, giving me (the sole witness to this aberrant behaviour) a cheeky grin. I was most amused.

Charlie x

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