Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Cuts? Try Civil Unrest

The government is cutting things, apparently. People don't like this, apparently. Fine, go and ahead and dislike it - your thoughts are your own and no-one can or should stop you. It does beg the question though, "What the fuck did you expect?" We are in a seriously sticky economic situation and no amount of sticking our fingers in our ears is going to solve that. People are going to be affected, some more fairly than others, but that's life; we must attempt to make the best of our situation, regardless of whether we agree with it or not. Throwing our toys out of the pram will not get us anywhere, especially as everyone considers themselves deserving of immunity from cuts. It just does not work that way. Yes, hit the higher earners with more stringent taxes - as far as I can tell, leafy suburbs in the home counties have not really been affected by the recession at all (in any practical sense), and a little sacrifice for the national benefit is a worthy one to make, in my opinion.

At least we're not French though. They take insane politics to a new level, quite frankly. "2 years' more work!? 'Ow very dare zey. On va tous manifester!" etc etc etc. Seriously guys, deal with it. If we protested/went on strike every single time a vaguely unpopular law was passed, we'd become a laughing stock. It would be like a world run by Bob Crow, and no-one wants to see that, except for Bob Crow (and maybe Ed Milliband). So yeah, we're not all that bad at the northern end of the Channel.

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