Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Existing in France and Miscellaneous

Right, France/Angoulême. Larger than I expected, and a little prettier in parts. I'm actually living in the school itself, which is a half-hour walk from town. Could be a lot worse though, as the French Government keep trying to find ways to give me money for no discernible reason. Maybe they felt guilty for Vichy or something...
So yeah, I'm here. Saturday is the critical day in this account though. Basically I was looking for somewhere to watch the Ryder Cup, as the TV in my room didn't have the right channel (Canal+ Sport for those of you interested). So, where better to watch it than a golf club, right? Right; well at least until C+S decided to cut off the final hour of Saturday's coverage - the climax of the entire day's play no less - for the sake of some football match between the Lyon 4th XI and the Parisien Blind School (insert real team names as appropriate). WHAT? C+ actually has its own specialist football channel, so WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU FILLING A CHANNEL FOR REAL SPORTING COVERAGE WITH THIS RUBBISH? The switch was met with genuine indignation from my fellow watchers - I somehow felt vindicated.

So that's Me 1 French TV 0 (in hockey scoring, that is). The people are remarkably friendly too - people meeting other friends whom I have never met will randomly shake my hand just for being in the same room: that's quite nice. The people I'm teaching appear to be manageable for the most part as well, which always helps. All in all, no complaints.


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