Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Strike 3?

So yeah, I knew the French would start striking spontaneously, but still.
Background: I was meant to be on some sort of handy training course to learn how to actually do the job I'm supposed to be doing for the next 6 months or so. Having been presented, however, with a timetable for a certain specialist group that could not be moved, it was decided that I not go on this training day and teach them instead. They had ensured me the week before that they would all be present and correct etc etc etc, despite the strike. Guess what? No-one rocked up. Not a word of apology or anything, despite my having taken time out for their benefit before they try to speak a vaguely coherent sentence to vastly more hard-working Swedish people. Not impressed. Seriously, if you want to strike, fine. But don't pretend you'll be there, causing me to change my plans, then decide you can't be arsed. It is seriously not on.

It's weird being back in a school environment. 2 years of university makes you forget the things we considered completely normal at the time but now seem completely ridiculous. Bearing in mind that the people I'm teaching are often older than me, it is expected that the relationship be that of pupil and teacher, not student and lecturer (or equivalent thereof). I find it most peculiar, though at least they haven't started calling me 'Mr Homewood' yet...

Apparently it's perfectly acceptable for French people to start singing the Marseillaise to each other on nights out. I was asked to provide a rendition of 'God Save The Queen' for good measure and duly refused for obvious suicide-related reasons, but did consider teaching them slightly more colourful uni-based night out songs...perhaps another day.



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